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Rating: R Restricted. Under 17 Requires Accompanying Adult.

Rating Explanation:
for sexuality, language and drug use

Jimmy's Buzz Guide Review:
Frances McDormand is very good as a perennially oversexed rock producer, but it's Christian Bale who gives one most surprising performances in this odd but often witty little film.

Additional Info:
DVD Features: Director commentary; Featurette; Cast and crew bios; Theatrical trailers.

Laurel Canyon
Frances McDormand plays a freewheeling record producer and loving mother who hasn't the faintest idea how to reach out to her estranged, conservative son, Sam (Christian Bale), who dislikes everything about his mother. Unfortunately, he's forced to stay in her Laurel Canyon home while he and his equally straitlaced fiancée (Kate Beckinsale) are searching for an apartment of their own. But soon Beckinsale becomes drawn to McDormand's uninhibited way of life, as well as to the young rock musician who's her latest lover (Allesandro Nivola). Writer/director Lisa Cholodenko (High Art) intercuts Sam's potential dalliance with a fellow medical student (Natascha McElhone) with his girl friend's erotic fascination with McDormand and her young boy toy. Her savvy script mines the psychological undercurrents that drive their actions and relationships, and as the unpredictable events out, the film closes on a refreshingly ambiguous note. The actors are all fine, particularly McDormand, Bale and Beckinsale.

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